We have established our fees based on the level of service required and NOT based on assets under management.  Our annual advisory fee for a portfolio of funds ranges between $1,000 and $5,000.  Accounts that require additional services or customization will pay a higher annual fee.

In addition to our Model Portfolio services, we off Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s) and Unified Managed Accounts (UMA’s).  Please contact us for the fees charged for these services.

Additionally, our consulting service rate is $150 per hour.  This fee applies to all investment and wealth management services provided in addition to our portfolio management programs.

All transaction fees are charged by the brokerage firm (Schwab Institutional, Fidelity Institutional, TD Ameritrade Institutional, and Interactive Brokers).  We do NOT receive any compensation from the brokerage firms.  Annual advisory fee charged to our clients is our ONLY source of compensation.

We provide our clients with portfolio reporting on accounts we manage.  However, for accounts that we do not manage, our portfolio reporting services are available for an additional fee.  This fee is a flat annual fee.  The fee will depend on the number of accounts, transactions, and the types of securities.

Below is a list of services our clients receive with our investment management platform:

  • Creation and implementation of an Investment policy statement
  • Portfolio reporting (provided quarterly via Client Web Portal)
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Year-End and Mid-Year portfolio reviews

In addition, clients are permitted to include all household accounts. Household accounts include all immediate family members.