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FPL Capital Management is a fee-only, SEC-registered, independent investment advisor serving investors nationwide since 1997.  We offer low-cost, passively-managed, and globally diversified model and customized portfolios.  Our portfolios are built with funds from industry leading companies, such as DFA (Dimensional)VanguardAQRPIMCOWisdomTree and iShares.

What makes us different?  Unlike most other advisors, we have separated our asset/portfolio management from wealth management.  Separating the services allows us to serve our clients in a very cost-effective and prudent manner.  Most advisors charge a fee based on a bundled service offering, which generally results in a higher ongoing advisory fee.  This may not always be beneficial to the client if wealth management services are not being rendered on an on-going basis.  Another unique feature of our firm is that we charge a flat fee for advisory services.  Currently, only a handful of advisors nationwide utilize the flat fee structure.

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