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FPL Capital Management is a Fee-Only independent investment advisor registered with the Securities Exchange Commission.  We offer investors model and customized portfolios.  Our portfolios are low-cost, passively managed and globally diversified.  Portfolios include funds from companies such as DFA (Dimensional), Vanguard, AQR, PIMCO, WisdomTree and iShares.

What makes us different?  Unlike most other advisors, we have separated asset/portfolio management from wealth management.  Separating the services allows us to serve our clients in a very cost-effective and prudent manner.  Most advisors charge a fee-based on a bundled service offering, which may result in a higher advisory fee.  This may not be beneficial to the client if wealth management services are not being rendered on an on-going basis. Another unique feature of our firm is that we charge a flat fee for advisory services. Currently, nationwide only a handful of advisors utilize the flat fee compensation model.

Articles & Educational Material

The New 60/40 Portfolio

PDF by Stone Ridge Funds about investors adopting a fundamentally new mindset about investing.

Dimensional Fund Advisors Overview

Explains how Dimensional Fund Advisors puts financial science to work for you.

A Different Way to Invest

This PDF presentation answers key questions many investors ask and highlights Dimensional‘s research-based approach to investing.

DFA Matrix Book 2019

For more than 30 years, Dimensional’s clients have relied on the Matrix Book to look beyond short-term market fluctuations and shed light on the dimensions that explain differences in returns.

Advisor's Alpha

Vanguard research has produced a whitepaper on how an advisor can add value to a client. This is part of a series of research available from Vanguard known as Advisor’s Alpha, created in 2001. They believe an advisor can add value, and now they have quantified that to be about 3%.

Investor Discipline

Graphical representation of how missing the best days of the market could affect a portfolio’s return.

Connecting the Dots

Article by Jim Parker, Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors

FPLCM Brochure

Learn more about FPL Capital Management

Downturns and Recoveries

The stock market moves in cycles with periods of contractions followed by periods of expansion. Click to read more on how stocks have performed during those periods. (Data provided by Morningstar)

Global Investing

Slides portray the performance of global markets over the past few years, and how one can benefit from a globally diversified portfolio. (Data provided by Morningstar)

An Interview with a Fee-Only Planner

An Interview with FPL Capital Management CEO, Michael George (by Jim Dahle of

DFA Founder Wins by Thinking Small-Cap

Article by Investment News Magazine

The US Mutual Fund Landscape

2019 Report documents survivorship and performance in the US mutual fund industry and illustrates the impact of high fees and turnover on returns.

Is There Predictive Power in Morningstar Ratings?

Graphs explain the relationship between Morningstar ratings and fund performance.

Managing Portfolios for Clients Nationwide