Thank you for your participation in the 2019 FPLCM Client Survey. We look forward to hearing from clients like you!

Please complete the following survey:

    1. What is your age?

    2. For approximately how many years have you worked with FPL Capital?

    3. Overall, how much confidence do you have in FPLCM? (0 is not at all confident, 5 is extremely confident)

    4. Which attribute contributes the most to your overall confidence?

    5. What do you want to compare your equity portfolio performance to?

    6. How helpful was the review web page for the 2019 Annual Reviews? (If no review was scheduled, please select N/A).

    7. How long would you like your review calls to last?

    8. What is the one thing you would change about reviews?

    9. What is the one thing you wish FPLCM would start doing?

    10. What is the one thing you wish FPLCM would stop doing?

    11. Any comments?