We also offer our investment management services to clients of Certified Public Accountants.  If you are already offering your clients a full line of services and looking to include investment management to that list, our Institutional Investment Platform is an ideal solution.

Our Model Portfolios are very transparent and cost-effective, and the Models were created with each having a specific investment objective in mind.  Your clients will also know exactly what they are invested in at all times.  The Model Portfolios consist of mutual funds from highly reputable fund management companies like DFA (Dimensional), Vanguard, PIMCO, iShares, WisdomTree.

Your clients’ assets will be held at the custodian of their choice, such as Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Fidelity Institutional, or TD Ameritrade.

Now you can give your clients the guidance they seek and help them achieve their investment goals.

Please call or email us for more information.