The Unified Managed Account (UMA) is a new form of investment solution that allows the advisor to combine multiple unaffiliated products into a single account with automated services, such as rebalancing and customization that better meet the needs of the investor. The UMA builds on the historic success of separately managed accounts (SMAs) and mutual fund wrap programs.

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) give high-net-worth clients access to institutional investment managers who construct portfolios of individual equities and/or bonds in a separate account for them.  Unfortunately, a robust SMA solution for a client results in multiple accounts, numerous statements, and complex paperwork.  Generally, there is limited ability to customize the portfolio or to rebalance or efficiently process cash flows.  Mutual fund wrap programs allow advisors to construct a complete asset allocation out of funds and support higher degrees of service, but they are burdened by the tax liability and other limitations of mutual funds.  UMA programs combine the benefits of both separate account and mutual fund wrap programs while eliminating their shortcomings.  Unified Managed Account programs have quickly become one of the fastest growing solutions available to high-net-worth clients who seek comprehensive investment advice and solutions.

Under our UMA platform, our clients can access tactical money managers such as, Newfound Research, Churchill, Miller Howard, Model Capital, Julex, and etc. with very low account minimums.  Most SMAs have high account minimums while UMA minimums start as low as $25,000. The management fee charged for the UMA depends on the money manager selected.  Please contact us for a list of available money managers on the UMA platform and the fees associated with it.